Through Frankie’s Eyes Book Giveaway

Lessons From A Paralyzed Dog is excited to announce our latest Book Giveaway. Award-winning author Barbara Techel has an autographed copy of her touching memoir, Through Frankie’s Eyes, for one of our readers. The book is a tribute to Frankie, her beloved Dachshund who became paralyzed after a fall.

I’ve never met Barbara Techel, but after reading this very personal story about the bond she had with her dog, I feel like she could be my neighbor and friend. It’s a book every animal lover will thoroughly enjoy.

Frankie came into Barbara’s life when she was struggling to find her true calling. Then an accidental fall left Frankie paralyzed and diagnosed with Intervertabral Disc Disease (IVDD). Barbara became Frankie’s caretaker and along the way she began to appreciate how dogs in wheelchairs can have happy, long lives. She realized it is okay to be different.

Barbara took that idea and turned it into a series of children’s books with Frankie as the main character. Frankie the Walk ‘N Roll Dog and Frankie the Walk ‘N Roll Therapy Dog became huge hits with kids that were suffering from long term illnesses or having other difficulties in their lives.

Barbara and Frankie visited schools and children’s hospitals with their message. Altogether they made more than 400 appearances that benefitted countless kids.

Today Barbara continues to honor Frankie through the National Walk ‘n Roll Dog Day that celebrates dogs in wheelchairs. In addition, Frankie’s Wheelchair Fund helps owners get dog wheelchairs when they can’t afford to buy one. The fund has granted wheelchairs to 30 dogs and their families.

Enter The Giveaway

Through Frankie’s Eyes is a must-read for every pet parent. One lucky person will be chosen to receive this autographed book. 

One More Note

Since I started writing about Sophie and the five years she was paralyzed, I’ve met many pet owners who felt the need to take action after sharing their lives with a special needs pet. Some have started foundations to help the animals, some have developed new products to make life easier for a pet and others, like me, write about the experience so pet parents won’t feel alone. Being the caretaker of a paralyzed dog is truly a life-changing experience. I appreciate how Barbara Techel rallied to take care of Frankie and how she is honoring her memory. If you are living with a special needs pet, I would love to share your story too.

Elaine Jacobs