Ways On How To Keep Your Indoor Cat Healthy

Cats make the best pets ever with the largest percentage of the world’s population, keeping cats in their homes as opposed to other pets.  Cats are cute, adorable, cuddly, and show affection through their eyes. This is the reason why cats are a popular choice for many people/families across the globe.  In the U.S. for instance, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, many households keep cats for pets more than dogs.

However, keeping cats at home can sometimes be challenging in terms of how to care for your pet, the kind of food and how to relate with them, since cats sometimes tend to be furious especially if they are indoors. But when you understand your cat’s basic needs, keeping your pet happy and healthy is easy.

The following are ways on how to keep your indoor cat happy and healthy.

1. Healthy Diet

Cats are special animals just like human beings, and they have their own essential needs that have to be met by their guardians. Some of these basic needs are food, water, and litter box. Cats have different feeding habits from human beings, thus, creating a feeding schedule; probably two meals per day will definitely make your cat happy and healthy. 

Feeding your cat with most human food is not good for its health, because some human food is bad for cats. For a healthy cat, the meals should be grain-free, free from soy and filters. Thus, the first ingredient in your cat’s food should be meat and not by-products. You should also avoid feeding your cat with a lot of milk because digestion of most milk tends to be hard for most kitties.

2. Litter Box 

Keeping your cat’s litter box clean always is one of the best ways of ensuring that your pet stays happy and grows healthy. Cats are very picky creatures, and they like their litter box clean all the time. Litter boxes are also necessary because they help you know when your cat is sick for instance when there is blood in the litter box or an abnormal frequency in peeing.

Therefore, for a happy and healthy cat, it is a good idea to change your cat’s litter box weekly. There are different litter box choices to choose from depending on what works best for you; thus, you can get varieties and keep your cat healthy.

3. Grooming

Cats are the cleanest creatures of all the animals in Kingdom Animalia, with their unique way of cleaning their bodies. Apart from human grooming, cats clean themselves with saliva; as their saliva contains natural deodorants and cleansing properties.  However, human grooming is also necessary, i.e. brushing off excess hair, washing your cat once in a while and trimming their claws. 

According to pet’s experts, it is the connection between the owner and their pets that helps the pet to stay happy and healthy. Just like your kids, your pet too deserves love and affection. 

 4. Regular Checkups

Some people are forced to think that taking your pet to the Vet is a waste of time and money. But the truth is that your cat should visit a Vet more often to keep them healthy and fit. Vets provide you with trusted medication just in case your cat is sick and also coaches you on how to use natural remedies to keep your pet in good health.

Most importantly is the fact that, through regular check-ups, Vets can provide a regular vaccination routine for your pet as well as preventive measures from fleas and other pests.

5. Playtime

As a cat owner, spending several minutes a day to play with your cat is also very important in order to help your cat grow and stay healthy. There are several ways you can spend time with your cat, i.e. teasing him with interactive toys such as balls, toy mice and many more, lets your pet channel his instincts and keeps him active.

Most indoor cats get stressed and bored, and if you don’t cheer them up, they are likely to lead a humdrum life.   

Above are some of the most excellent ways you can employ if you want to have a lovely, happy and healthy cat in your home. Try them today, and you will love the experience!

Top 7 Reasons Why Cats Make The Best Pets

A cat is the most adorable animal you can comfortably keep around as a pet. There are a lot of different animals kept as pets, but cats are a popular choice for most pet owners across the globe. People have different reasons as to why they keep cats in their home and not others like dogs. 

So, if you are still wondering why most pet owners to keep cats in their houses over other animals, the here as some of the tops reasons as to why;

1. Cats Are Great With Kids

Are you looking for a pet that you can comfortably entrust with your kids? Cats should be your number one option. This is following the fact that cats are great with kids and have a lot of positive things on children. Keeping your cat happy and healthy is important because cats deserve love and affection so that they can relate well with your kids. 

One of the greatest benefits of keeping a cat is that he can teach the kids different social skills as they play together.  Cats can also help your kids overcome any traumatic situation as they will learn different ways to cope with life situations.

2. Cats Are Less Costly

We are living in an era where you cannot acquire basic necessities without money. So, if you are looking forward to owning a pocket-friendly pet, then cat stand out as your perfect option. Cats are less costly in the sense that, as long as you heed to their feeding schedule of at least two meals a day, keep its litter box clean, take him for check-ups and groom him, then all will be well. 

3. Cats Groom Themselves

If you are a pet owner who dislikes keeping dirty pets around your home, then you should consider keeping a cat. This is because cats can take care of themselves when it comes to grooming. A cat will not wait for you to take him to a groomer for him to remain clean since he can comfortably groom himself. 

In fact, the cat’s saliva has been proved to contain some cleaning properties and deodorants, which makes grooming easier. The only major intervention needed is only when it comes to claws trimming and brushing off excess hair.

4. Cats Are Quiet Animals

It is very hard to find a cat making noise as opposed to dogs. This is the reason why most apartments in different towns and cities allow cats. There is nothing which can annoying, like keeping a noisy pet. This is more specifically for those families who might have a kid who requires peaceful sleep. For cats, they are very quiet and so they will not be a nuisance to anyone.

5. Cats Are Playful

Cats have playful moods, and this is why you will find most cats playing either on their own or with their owners, specifically kids.  Playing keeps your cat active and cheerful all day long. Hence, sparing some time just to play with your pet lets him get rid of boredom.

 Several people have been forced to the belief that cats are playful creatures simply because they stay indoors and thus have an abundance of energy.

6. Cats Can Live Long

No one would want to lose their lovely pets for any reason whatsoever. But knowing that a cat is one of those animals that tend to live longer, this gives most cat owners a hope that they will have more time to interact. A well-kept cat can live for up to 12 years, depending on how the owner looks after him.

Therefore, as compared to dogs, cats have a higher probability of living longer and thus quite comforting most pet owners.

 7. They Are The Most Intelligent And Curious Pet

If you have interacted with cats enough, then you will definitely agree with me on this. In fact, according to Animal Planet, cats have been found to have that interest and capacity to keep learning new things than any other pet.  Their memory is also unchallenged by any of the animals you may ever think of in the animal kingdom.

Furthermore, their curiosity knows no boundaries giving them a better chance to explore most of the new thing other animals might not dare try or get interested in. 

Above are some of the pleasing things that drive most pet owner to go for a cat. So, if you don’t have any pet around your house, then you should consider owning a cat. Try having one today, and you will definitely love the experience.