Financial Help and Dog Cart Programs

Red Flyer, The Handicapped Pets Community – This is an organization run by a wonderful man  named Harlan Weikle. Red Flyer accepts used wheelchair donations, refurbishes them and loans them at no charge to families of handicapped pets in need. Their motto is, “No pet should be alone or without the gift of mobility.”

Mango on a Mission – Mango is Cairn terrier who was found on the side of a road with a broken back. She was adopted by disabled Army veteran Judy Walter and the rest is history as they now help paralyzed dogs in need of wheelchairs.

Rescued Rollers – They supply low-cost pet wheelchairs to animal rescue organizations, shelters, individuals and those who otherwise cannot afford them by refurbishing wheelchairs that are donated by private owners in the hopes of giving another dog the freedom of mobility, or by purchasing wheelchairs for these dogs in need through the generosity of our donors.

Gunnar’s Wheels – Assist owners in providing mobility options to their pets. Gunnar’s Wheels Foundation is a loaner program and carts may be used for the duration they are needed, and then returned to Gunnar’s Wheels Foundation to be refurbished and matched with the next pet in need.

Hailey’s Wheels for Life – Hailey’s Wheels For Life is a not for profit entity, providing subsidized wheelchairs to rescue groups and those owners in need of financial assistance. The purpose is to encourage an alternative to euthanasia and to prolong the life of an otherwise healthy dog. The outcome is to bring the joy to owners and their dog when those first wheels are turned and to encourage sustained mobility.

CorgiAid Cart Program– CorgiAid’s Cart Program is open to all corgis and corgi mixes, whether owned or in rescue. We do not specifically require financial need, and there may be a cart available that would go unused otherwise, but we do encourage those who can to buy a cart. See Cart Purchases below for more information.


Honey, Have You Squeezed the Dachshund?  With humor and kindness, Kristin Leydig Bryant and Dr. Adam Christman walk you through caring for dogs with intervertebral disc disease (IVDD); from how to recognize the earliest signs of this inherited condition, to minimizing the risk of a painful or paralyzing disc rupture, to choosing a treatment path and providing follow-up care. Honey, Have You Squeezed the Dachshund?shares Kristin’s many years of experience in home care as a foster mom for DREAM Dachshund Rescue and Dr. Christman’s knowledge as a practicing veterinarian and IVDD dog dad. Their combined perspective and practical strategies will give you confidence in talking with your own veterinarian and taking care of your dog during treatment and recovery.

Dodgerslist:  organization dedicated to helping pet owners whose pet has been diagnosed with IVDD.


 Sign up for Dodgerlist forum board also that has tons of articles and help from others.


Eddie’s Wheels: custom-made wheelchairs for pets. 

The Frankie Wheelchair Fund application:   Funding for pet wheelchairs. **Please note that along with the application, we will need a letter from your vet also with the diagnoses and prognosis of your pet.

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  1. Michelle Benefield says:

    Hi! I am hoping you can help us. Our little man, Barney, went down (IVDD) on June 1, 2012. I emailed you about Frankie the end of July, and mentioned him. Our vet has advised us to purchase a set of wheels for him. We had saved almost all the money for the chair, when our daughter (she is 18) called home from work (she works in a vet’s office) one day to say that a lady had brought in an 8 month old dachshund that was extremely emaciated. The lady is a single mom with three children. We agreed to help pay for the test/surgery to help the little guy and keep him from being put down. The lady ended up giving the dog to us to foster until he is healthy enough to be adopted. One thing led to another and we have spent a little over $500 on this puppy. He is getting better now that they have removed a corn cob from his intestines! (Be careful what children feed your pets!) We are now trying to find our Barney a set of used wheels, but have been unsuccessful finding any. If possible, could you please let us know if anyone has any they want to sell? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much, Michelle

    • Hi Michelle,
      Bless you for reaching out to help that puppy in need. My suggestion for you for a used wheelchair is Eddie’s Wheels. They often times have them and can adjust them to your dog’s needs. I hope this works! Wishing you the best! ~Barbara

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