Dodgerslist –  Support and education on intervertebral disc disease. This site is packed with tons of information to help you.

Dodgerslist Forum – A great place to go when you need information asap and someone who can help guide you.

Eddie’s Wheels – This is the company where Frankie’s wheels came from. Family owned, very caring company who gives great personal service and is there for you when you need them. Click on the following link for a great article written about the company, Boston Globe Story.


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  1. Michelle Benefield says:

    Hi! I am hoping you can help us. Our little man, Barney, went down (IVDD) on June 1, 2012. I emailed you about Frankie the end of July, and mentioned him. Our vet has advised us to purchase a set of wheels for him. We had saved almost all the money for the chair, when our daughter (she is 18) called home from work (she works in a vet’s office) one day to say that a lady had brought in an 8 month old dachshund that was extremely emaciated. The lady is a single mom with three children. We agreed to help pay for the test/surgery to help the little guy and keep him from being put down. The lady ended up giving the dog to us to foster until he is healthy enough to be adopted. One thing led to another and we have spent a little over $500 on this puppy. He is getting better now that they have removed a corn cob from his intestines! (Be careful what children feed your pets!) We are now trying to find our Barney a set of used wheels, but have been unsuccessful finding any. If possible, could you please let us know if anyone has any they want to sell? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much, Michelle

    • Hi Michelle,
      Bless you for reaching out to help that puppy in need. My suggestion for you for a used wheelchair is Eddie’s Wheels. They often times have them and can adjust them to your dog’s needs. I hope this works! Wishing you the best! ~Barbara

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