In June 2012 after the passing of Frankie, The Frankie Wheelchair Fund was established from donations received in her memory. The fund remained in place until August 2017, and with many generous donations over the years, we are so proud that The Frankie Wheelchair Fund granted over sixty-five wheelchairs to paralyzed dogs in need.

For inspiration, please feel free to take a stroll down this page to see all the happy paws we were able to help with!

Though the fund has now closed, visit our resource page for other organizations that provide financial assistance for wheelchairs for dogs, along with other helpful information.

We will be eternally grateful for the many that supported us in our mission to help paralyzed dogs become mobile again!


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Not pictured: Chance, Muffin, Spike, Sophie, Brownie, Ladybug, Weezer, Rhy, Dappy, Gia and Ziggy



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  1. […] A photo to be submitted once dog is up and rolling in their wheelchair so I can share via my social media […]

  2. Emily Buffat says:

    Our 6 year old dachshund, Valen, has IVDD and is unable to use his hind legs. We are having to use a towel as a sling, so he can use the bathroom, and just walk around a little. This is just the 1st week he hasn’t been able to use his legs. He had his first bout of trouble about 3 months ago. We limited use of steps and jumping on and off furniture. We thought we were over his problems, but now realize this is probably going to be part of our daily reality. We’re saving up for our wedding and just spent our last $500 dollars on 2 seperate visits to the vet this past week. The second visit was to do X-rays to confirm IVDD. We started researching doggie wheelchairs and have considered making our own. When my fiancé takes him out if his crate (which he is now confined to), and uses the sling to let him walk around outside, he seems so happy. Right now the vet has him on a concoction of pain meds, anti-inflammatory, and muscle relaxers. We hope we will start to see some improvement but are very discouraged.

    • A great resource for understanding and caring for a dog with IVDD is They have a ton of great information on their site. You can also sign up for their forum group to get your questions answered on how to best help your dachshund. Crate rest for 8 weeks is essential. Acupuncture or laser therapy is also very helpful in many cases as well as swim therapy. Their site has all this information that can help you. Wishing you all the best… don’t give up hope! It can take sometimes up to 6-12 months for a pet to regain full mobility. -Barbara

  3. […] date, the Frankie Fund has helped 44 paralyzed dogs get a wheelchair who may never have been able to have […]

  4. […] You can see more photos of wheelie dogs the fund has helped on the website I created which is also a special day I founded to honor and celebrate all dogs in wheelchairs, National Walk ‘N Roll Dog Day. […]

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  6. […] Roo makes the 56th dog the Frankie Wheelchair Fund has helped! You can see all the dogs given the gift of mobility because of continued donations from others here. […]

  7. […] are some photos of some of the dogs rolling and enjoying life with wheels granted through The Frankie Wheelchair Fund!  You can check […]

  8. […] in need of a wheelchair. To date, with the generous donations of others, I’ve been able to help over sixty dogs with the gift of mobility.  Donations can be made online here. Thanks for […]

  9. […] If you wish to help me grant wheelchairs to paralyzed dogs in need, you can donate here. And if you’d like to check out the more than sixty happy flyers we’ve helped, visit here. […]

  10. […] many wonderful and generous people have supported the Frankie Wheelchair Fund which enables me to help dogs like Q gain their freedom back with a set of custom-made wheels from Eddie’s Wheels for […]

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